Facility Rentals

Currently, our athletic fields provide uses for: Baseball, Softball, Tee-Ball, and Soccer for our youth and adults in Paradise Township.

Rental Months:

In addition, we regulate and rent our park called, "The Roof", from May 1st to October 31 each year. An application must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fees for approval. Paradise Township residents have the advantage of reserving "The Roof" first each year, from January 1st to April 1st. Paradise Township residents' fees are $50.00 rental, and $50.00 security (security deposits will be returned to you after area is checked for any damage). All others may reserve the "The Roof" after April 1st each year for a fee of $100.00 rental, and $100.00 security.

Rental Hours:

May 1st - October 31st (rental hours anytime between 7:00am - 9:00pm)
"The Roof" rental area consists of a baseball field; a covered pavilion with access to full kitchen facilities and restrooms. The bordering basketball court and playground remain public, but may be used. Chairs and tables are provided for up to 150 people.

Please note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited!

For more information, to inquire for availability, or to reserve, please call Ingrid DeWitt at (570) 595-9880 ext. 3.

Please Note: Pets are prohibited! (The only exception is service animals!)