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February 2, 2015 5:00 Work Session 6:00 Regular Meeting
The draft comprehensive plan is available for review under Boards/Comm. -- Comprehensive Plan Comm. -- Draft Comp Plan or at the Township Office.
03/05/2012 BOS Minutes



MARCH 5, 2012

6:00 P.M.

Flood called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Officials Present:

Michael Flood – Chair Debra Brady – Zoning Officer
Louise Troutman – Vice Chair Robert Safin – Roadmaster
Reda Briglia – Secretary-Treasurer John C. Prevoznik – Solicitor

Flood led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Flood read the public comment statement "Ladies and gentlemen, before the Board of Supervisors votes on any matter, the Board will allow for public comment on that particular item. If you wish to be heard at that time, please raise your hand, and you will be recognized. A public comment period will be held at the end of the regular agenda for any other business."

Flood announced that Dean Woodling, Sewage Enforcement Officer, had passed away yesterday.

Motion: Troutman moved and seconded by Briglia to approve the February 27, 2012 regular meeting minutes as presented.
Troutman-aye, Briglia-aye, Flood-abstained (Not present).

Barrett Paradise Friendly Library – Beth Martin and Carol Hillestad were present for the library. Mrs. Martin reported that the library mortgage is now $170,000.00 and thanked the Board for their appropriations in helping to pay down the mortgage. Mrs. Hillestad reported that the library had its busiest month in January. Mrs. Martin stated that the library has two initiatives. The first is to start building their capital reserve account for future improvements and the Legacy Society, which is asking people to include the library in their estate planning.

Paradise Township board of Supervisors – March 5, 2012 Page 2

Seven Pines Park Temp. Cert. of Occupancy – Mr. Mike Oser was present. Mr. Oser inquired if it was possible to get a temporary certificate of occupancy for one of the little league fields at Seven Pines Park for the opening of Little League scheduled for April 21.

The outstanding issues of concern include the fence posts, parking, rain gardens, and fencing. There was discussion on the process already in place for Mrs. Brady to issue a certificate of occupancy and for Mr. Tripus, (BIU) to order a certificate of habitability. Mr. Oser stated he would follow up with the process currently in place to receive the necessary certificates.

PMRS Act 205 Approval and Signature Briglia explained that Act 205 (Actuarial Valuation Report) is prepared by the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System (PMRS). Briglia stated that she has verified the contributions and will complete the state aid portion. Briglia stated that Act 205 needs to be approved by the Board.

Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to approve the Act 205 as presented.
Motion carried 3-0.

Bank Information Briglia presented proposals for banking services from Pennstar Bank and First National Bank. The Board reviewed the proposals.
Motion: Flood moved and seconded by Troutman to move the Citizens Bank accounts to Pennstar Bank.
Motion carried 3-0.

Proposed Ordinance - Date for Public Hearing – Solicitor Prevoznik presented a draft ordinance establishing interest to be charged on late payments, municipal liens, and judgements, and for review fees charges for solicitors, engineers and attorneys' fees for litigation purposes.
Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to schedule a public hearing for the proposed ordinance for April 16, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Motion carried 3-0.

Posie's Park Walkway – Jeff Ross of Ross and Ross Nursery provided a quote of $3,200.00 to install a walkway approximately 3' wide, 60' in length, with an 8' landscape paver circle from the parking area to the gazebo at Posie's Park.
Motion: Troutman moved and seconded by Briglia to install the walkway per the quote at Posie's Park.
Motion carried 3-0.

Echo Farm Committee – Briglia stated that Sean Garber has volunteered to serve on the Echo Farm Committee and that he would be available for daytime meetings.
Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to appoint Sean Garber to the Echo Farm Committee.
Motion carried 3-0.

Paradise Township board of Supervisors – March 5, 2012 Page 3

Solicitor – Solicitor Prevoznik updated the Board as follows: FNCB Bank Agreement with Mt. Airy Casino Resort is near completion. Mt. Airy Casino Resort and Paradise Township snow plowing policy agreement is also near completion and will be sent to Attorney Belardi for review. Solicitor Prevoznik stated that he has executive session items.

Roadmaster (attached) – Safin read his report.
Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to approve ordering the 2012 John Deere 5085M Utility Tractor with the Tiger 18' Bengal Tiger Boom Mower per the Lindsey Equipment quote dated February 9, 2012 for $72,553.00.
Motion carried 3-0.

Motion: Briglia amended her motion and Troutman seconded to include financing through John Deere Credit for both the tractor and mower and to prepare the tax exemption resolution if needed.
Motion carried 3-0.

Zoning Officer (attached) – Brady stated her report was self-explanatory. Brady reported that Gerald Longenecker, P.E. of Skelly and Loy, Inc. have completed the Watershed Assessment report for Paradise Creek and a concept design for the Redrock Road site. Brady stated that Gerald Longenecker has requested to attend a work session to provide an overview of some of the key points and conclusions that developed during the course of completing this work, especially some notable conditions that have developed in the watershed as a result of the storms this past year. After discussion, the Board agreed that Gerald Longenecker should attend the April 16 work session at 5:00 p.m.

Brady also reported that she has contacted Jeryl Rinehart as the Township's alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer.

PARC – Troutman stated PARC was discussed earlier this evening with Mike Oser and at last week's Board meeting.

EAC – Flood stated that the EAC discussed the comprehensive plan survey results, the Mt. Airy Greenway Monitoring Report, and the Mt. Airy Trails. Flood also reported that the bridge planters are being prepared for installation this spring. Troutman stated that the Greenway Monitoring Report should be sent to the EAC now. Solicitor Prevoznik explained that the report has not been accepted by the Board and should not be accepted until after Jason Smith has reviewed the report to see if it meets the requirements of the agreement and therefore the report should not be released to the EAC. After further discussion, Briglia was instructed to have Jason Smith attend the April 16 work session and for his review to be completed one week in advance of the meeting to be distributed with the agenda packets allowing the Board time to review his report. After discussion, Troutman requested that both EAC and PARC meetings be added to the Township's web page calendar.

PMREMS – Briglia stated that PMREMS has hired a billing company.

Paradise Township board of Supervisors – March 5, 2012 Page 4

April 2 meeting – Briglia stated that she would not be available to attend the April 2 meeting. Flood stated that he also had a conflict on April 2.
Motion: Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to cancel the April 2 meeting.
Motion carried 3-0.

Sean Garber asked if Hanover Engineering has completed the study on Woodland Road regarding the jake brakes. Briglia said it has not, but she will remind Hanover Engineering.

Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to recess the regular meeting and go into an executive session at 7:42 p.m.
Motion carried 3-0.

Motion: Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to reconvene the regular meeting at 8:02 p.m.
Motion carried 3-0.

Flood stated that real estate and personnel matters were discussed.

Motion: Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to close the Township buildings for a half day on Thursday to allow the employees to attend Dean Woodling's funeral and the employees will be off with pay.
Motion carried 3-0.

Motion: Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.
Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Reda Briglia