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Koerners Road will be closed approximately 1/4 mile from the intersection of Devils Hole Road and Koerners Road for bridge replacement starting May 31, 2018 through August 31, 2018.
UPCOMING ROAD WORK: Devils Hole, Trinity Hill, Browns Hill, Timber Hill, and Station Hill Roads (or parts of named roads) are scheduled for repaving starting the week of July 9. Please use caution driving through the work zones.
Short Term Rental Ordinance - No owner of any property in Paradise Township shall operate a Short-Term Rental in Paradise Township without first obtaining a Short-Term Rental License from the Zoning Officer. Contact Deb Brady at 570-595-8840
Telephone Numbers

570-595-9880 - Municipal Office

570-595-9880 - Ext. 1 Deb Brady Zoning Officer

570-595-9880 - Ext. 7 Michael Tripus, Sewage Enforcement Officer

570-595-9880 - Ext. 3 Tina Transue, Administrative Secretary

570-595-9880 - Ext. 4 Reda Briglia, Executive Secretary

570-595-9880 - Ext. 7 Michael Tripus, Building Code Official

570-595-3534 - Michael Mader, Roadmaster