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05/03/2011 Meeting Minutes



TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011


Call to Order

Troutman called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Roll Call

Officials Present:

Louise Troutman – Chair

Michael Flood – Vice-Chair

Reda Briglia – Secretary-Treasurer                  

John C. Prevoznik – Solicitor

Charles Unangst – Hanover Engineering

Debra Brady – Zoning Officer

Robert Safin – Roadmaster


Pledge of Allegiance

Troutman led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Public Comment Statement

Troutman read the public comment statement “Ladies and gentlemen, before the Board of Supervisors votes on any matter, the Board will allow for public comment on that particular item.  If you wish to be heard at that time, please raise your hand, and you will be recognized.  A public comment period will be held at the end of the regular agenda for any other business.”


Approval of Minutes

Motion: Flood moved and seconded by Troutman to approve the April 21, 2011 regular meeting minutes as presented.

Motion carried 3-0.


Road Materials Bid

Briglia stated that the road materials bid were advertised in the Pocono Record on April 12 and 19 as required.  Briglia stated the bids were advertised to be opened and read at 2:15 p.m. Monday, May 2, 2011 and that the bids would be awarded at the Board of Supervisors



Paradise Township Board of Supervisors – May 3, 2011                                             Page 2


meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 scheduled for 6:00 p.m.  Briglia stated that the bids were opened and read at 2:15 p.m. on Monday, May 2.  See Exhibit 1.

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to award the road materials bid, contingent on review by Solicitor Prevoznik, as follows:

Material        FOB              Delivered

E.R. Linde:

1BW               9.00           12.00

2A                 5.00             8.00

2B                  7.25           10.25

2RC               5.00             8.00

#4                 7.00           10.00

RipRap           10.00         13.00


ID-2 Binder                      52.84


ID-2 Top                          60.00

Locust Ridge:

Cold Patch                       113.00

Motion carried 3-0.


Unfinished/Old Business

          Comprehensive Plan Committee  -- The Board had reviewed the list of people interested in serving on the Planning Committee for the Township’s Comprehensive Plan at the April 21 Board meeting.  Briglia stated that she has spoken with Steve Dellinger, Hanover Engineering, and that the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. was best for him.  The first meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 8.  Briglia will advertise the meetings.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to appoint the following: Carol Hillestad (EAC/Open Space), Joseph Greco (Planning Commission, Chair), John Lewis (Realtor), Richard J. Shackleton, Esquire (Henryville Conservation Club), Shawn Garber (Business Owner), Larry Bias (Citizen at Large), and Louise Troutman (Supervisor).   Debra Brady (Zoning Officer) was approved to attend the meetings to provide guidance, but is not a voting member.

Motion carried 3-0.

Matthew Dilger Eagle Scout Project – Briglia reported that Matthew Dilger’s project was building a retaining wall at High Acres Park beside the horseshoe pits.  Troutman stated that Dilger is a Barrett Township resident and his project was in Barrett Township.  The Board agreed to let Barrett Township acknowledge this accomplishment.

General Code Consider Purchasing Disc $699.00 – The Board discussed the cost of the disc compared to having General Code update the Code of Ordinances.   After discussion, the Board agreed that Briglia should follow up to see if anyone has used General Code’s word version of the Code.


Paradise Township Board of Supervisors – May 3, 2011                                             Page 3


New Business

       Little League’s Request for Township to Groom Mt. Pocono and Barrett Little League Fields – Troutman stated that the Barrett Paradise Mt. Pocono Little League (BPMPLL) requested Paradise Township to groom the ball fields in Barrett and Mt. Pocono.  Paradise Township is the only municipality that owns a groomer.  Safin stated that it would take about one day with the machine and a roadcrew member.  Solicitor Prevoznik stated that permission from both Mt. Pocono Borough and Barrett Township would be needed before Paradise Township could do work on their ball fields, since they are owned by the municipalities and not the BPMPLL.  Briglia stated that Safin has repeatedly told her that there is a need for an additional road crew member and that she is very hesitant to pull a road crew member to work in other municipalities one day a week.  Safin stated that it would only be a half day in the other municipalities and the remaining half-day in Paradise.  Solicitor Prevoznik stated that the insurance coverage would also need confirming. 

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to approve Paradise Township’s road crew to groom the Little League fields in Barrett Township and Mt. Pocono, as needed, contingent on receiving permission from both Townships, verifying insurance coverage, and at the Roadmaster’s discretion.

Call to vote:  Troutman-aye, Flood-aye, and Briglia-nay.  Briglia stated her vote is based on the lack of existing manpower on the road crew.

       Floods Nursery owned by Michael Flood –  Briglia stated that Michael Flood resumed ownership of Floods Nursery and that Paradise Township purchases mulch, soil, plants, etc from Flood’s Nursery.   Solicitor Prevoznik stated that the materials would need to be bid or the Township should not purchase from Flood’s.  After discussion, the Board agreed not to purchase any materials from Flood’s Nursery.

       GS clean up at Skywood Park  – Troutman asked if the roadcrew could deliver woodchips to Skywood Park for the Girl Scouts to use around and under the exercise equipment.  Troutman reported that the woodchips were free from the tree-trimming crews that have been working in the Township.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman for the road crew to deliver woodchips to Skywood Park for the Girl Scouts.

Motion carried 3-0.

          Audit Information from Ellen Gnandt – Briglia stated that Ms. Gnandt delivered the draft 2010 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report, the Financial Statements and Supplementary Information, and the audit letter this morning.  Ms. Gnandt was present to answer any questions.  Ms. Gnandt requested that the Board accept the drafts so that she could file the audit and report.  Ms. Gnandt stated that there are two minor corrections, a typographical error, and a tab error. 

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to accept and approve the draft 2010 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report and the Financial Statements and Supplementary Information with the two corrections noted above.

Motion carried 3-0.



Paradise Township Board of Supervisors – May 3, 2011                                             Page 4



Roadmaster (attached) – Safin read his report.

       Mrs. Natalie Brooks was present.  Troutman stated that Mrs. Brooks requested to come into the meeting.  Brooks explained the flooding situation on her property.  Mrs. Brooks lives at 314 Hickory Street on the corner of Hickory and Oak Streets.  There is a storm pipe on Oak Street above her property.  Mrs. Brooks claims that the storm pipe allows water to run onto and across her property.  Mrs. Brooks has been in to the Township previously regarding this.  At that time, Robert Mack, Hanover Engineering, inspected her property.  Safin has inspected the property numerous times.  Safin stated that he could build up the existing berm and possibly some work in the Township’s right-of-way.  After further discussion, the Board agreed to have Hanover Engineering inspect Brooks’ property with Safin before any work is done on or near her property. 

       Safin presented quotes on an 8’ X 10’ barn style storage shed to be placed at the Roof for use by the Little League.  The quotes were discussed.

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Briglia to purchase the 8’ x 10’ storage barn shed from Riehl’s Storage Barn for $1,150.00

Motion carried 3-0.

       Safin requested approval for the roadcrew to attend the Medico Municipal Day on Thursday, May 26.

Motion:   Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to approve the road crew (including roadmaster) to attend Medico Municipal Day.

Motion carried 3-0.


Sewage Enforcement Officer (attached) – Troutman read the report.


Zoning Officer (attached) – Brady stated her report was self-explanatory.  Brady did question the Board on their opinions on how the proposed ordinance for timbering should handle hours of operation.  After discussion, the Board agreed that timbering should not be permitted on Sundays.   


PARC  Troutman stated that Christine Dettore, Monroe County Open Space Coordinator, attended the PARC meeting.  Troutman reported that Ms. Dettore recommended that the Environmental Advisory Board and Paradise Township Open Space Committee become subcommittees of PARC. 


EAC – Flood stated he was unable to attend the meeting.


PMREMS – Briglia stated all is going well.


Solicitor – Solicitor Prevoznik stated that he has executive session items. Solicitor Prevoznik updated the Board as follows:


Paradise Township Board of Supervisors – May 3, 2011                                             Page 5


Mt. Airy #1, LLC – Solicitor Prevoznik stated that the Parking Lot G Developer’s Agreement has been amended to include the three specific dates (fireworks) for the special event studies.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to accept the Developer’s Agreement contingent on Mt. Airy #1, LLC providing a completely executed agreement.

Motion carried 3-0.

                         Personnel Matter – Solicitor Prevoznik stated that previously the Board agreed not to pay Gerald Smiley for four hours of vacation he lost, due to being called into work the last week of 2010.  Solicitor Prevoznik stated that Mr. Wieder, Union Representative, requested that he be paid and that the union would not consider this as past practice or precedent. 

               Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to pay Gerald Smiley the four hours that he was unable to use or carry over at his 2010 pay rate.

Motion carried 3-0.



               Troutman stated that an executive session was held this evening from 5:40 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for personnel issues.



       There was no correspondence for tonight’s meeting.


Other Business/Public Comment

        Mr. Unangst reported that Robert Mack and Dave Osborne have walked the completed portion of the trail network at Mt. Airy Casino Resort.  Mr. Mack will be submitting a report.  Mr. Unangst stated that the trails are not complete at this time.  Solicitor Prevoznik will follow-up on the trail bond that expires on May 20, 2011.

       Borton Lawson Engineering -- Len Smith from Borton Lawson Engineering gave a presentation at the work session earlier today on the variable width riparian buffer study.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to accept the riparian buffer report and study including the map.

Motion carried 3-0.

       June 21 BOS Meeting – Troutman had informed the Board earlier that she would not be available on June 21.  After discussion, the Board agreed to hold the meeting on June 21 due to a public hearing already scheduled for that evening.


Executive Session

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to recess the regular meeting and go into an executive session at 7:15 p.m. after a short break.

Motion carried 3-0.




Paradise Township Board of Supervisors – May 3, 2011                                             Page 6


Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to reconvene the regular meeting at 7:38 p.m.  Troutman stated litigation, real estate, and personnel issues were discussed.

Motion carried 3-0.



Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to adjourn the meeting at 7:39 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.


Respectfully submitted,




Reda Briglia