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11/09/2010 PC Minutes




Regular Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2010


Roll Call

Joseph Greco – Chairman

Sharon Michaels – Vice-Chairman

Ronald R. Taylor - Secretary

Joan Montgomery - Member

Edith Stevens - Member (Arrived at 5:35pm)

Timothy McManus, Esquire – Solicitor

Debra Brady - Zoning Officer

Robert Mack - Engineer

Elaine M. Diaz - Administrative Secretary


Call to Order

Chairman Greco called the November 9, 2010 Planning Commission meeting to order at 5:30 PM.  The meeting was held at the Paradise Township Municipal Building, Route 940, Paradise Valley, Cresco, PA. 


Public Comment Statement

Chairman Greco announced the following public comment statement: “Ladies and gentlemen, before the Planning Commission votes on any matter, the Commission will allow for public comment on that particular item.  If you wish to be heard at that time, please raise your hand, and you will be recognized.”  (At that time, please state your name for the record.)


Approval of Meeting Minutes

Motion:  Michaels moved seconded by Montgomery to approve the Minutes from the October 12, 2010 regular Meeting as presented.

Motion carried 3-0. (Taylor abstained, was not present at previous meeting.)





Open Plans 



New Submittals for Acceptance



Plan Reviews

Verizon/AT&T Conditional Use Permit Application

Attorney Catherine Durso was present as agent for Verizon.

Brady explained that the Applicant is actually Verizon since the existing tower belongs to Verizon.

Their Conditional Use permit requires reopening their conditional use permit whenever a modification is requested. Brady also pointed out that the definition of Land Development was changed to exclude structures that are accessories to a primary use under a thousand feet. Brady also pointed out that she is currently in receipt of the license agreement between the Land Owner, which in this case is Ron Vogt and Verizon and the site plan, depicting the license area. 


Attorney Durso explained that the proposed plans are requesting to place antennas on the existing towers below the Verizon antenna and expand the compound slightly to install AT&T equipment shelter at the base of the structure.


There was discussion regarding the comments from Hanover Engineering as stated on their review letter of November 4, 2010. The following items from that letter are the items that need to be addressed for the Conditional Use Application to be in compliance with the Township requirements.


A.      The Plan must contain provisions for Owner’s certification and signature, and a signature block for approval of Township officials.

B.      A space shall be provided for the Township Engineer’s approval.

C.     The Monopole Analysis shall be signed and sealed by a Pennsylvania Licensed Registered Professional Engineer.

D.     The Conditional Use Approval issued June 3, 2008 indicates that collocation requires additional Conditional Use Application and subsequent approval by the Board of Supervisors.


1.      Section 160-12A.10.b.4.a.ii- It should be determined if additional financial security is required for co-location. If so, financial security in a form and amount acceptable to the Township shall be provided to the Township prior to installation of the additional antennas, to address the removal of those antennas.


Attorney McManus stated that pertaining to the Financial Security, this item is to be addressed by the Township Supervisors.


Attorney Durso stated that the other items aforementioned will be addressed.


Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Taylor to make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to look favorably upon the Conditional Use application for  AT&T to use Verizon Wireless Tower contingent upon satisfaction of the Engineering Comments.

Motion Carried 5-0.


Robert Mack left at 5:45pm.


Sketch Plans



Other Business

Chapter 110 and related Chapter 1 Revisions

James Birdsall of Hanover Engineering was present. Brady explained that there were changes made to date and that the commission has the most recent revisions for review and comment.


Mr. Birdsall explained the changes / revisions made to Chapter 110.  Mr. Birdsall explained that the existing chapter had no wording for community sewage facilities such as the one that was proposed by Greensprings.

Mr. Birdsall pointed out that Mr. D’Alessandro was at the Board of Supervisors meeting the previous night representing Mount Pocono Municipal Authority and their interest in the site previously sought after by Greenspring for a “drip irrigation system.” Mr. D’Alessandro stated that Mount Pocono Municipal Authority is scouting for properties some of which are within Paradise Township, not just the Greensprings property. Mr. D’Alessandro stated that they are not interested in dealing adversarially, they prefer a friendly acquisition, however, also mentioned that condemnation will be considered if necessary.


Attorney McManus stated that if Mount Pocono seeks condemnation, it would have to be with the consent of the Board of Supervisors of Paradise Township.


Mr. Birdsall stated that this is the reason why it is important to get something in writing regarding Sewage facilities to protect the Township.


Discussion took place regarding the portions of the chapter that remained the same and the portions that have been added. Monitoring wells have been added. The important criteria that Township wants  to make sure stays in is the 100 foot distance from any water supply well in Section 110-5. The DEP has some regulations regarding setback distances, but when you get into spray irrigation it’s not really clear, therefore it is important to have it in the revised ordinance.


Stevens questioned the Greensprings submittal. Brady explained that the Greensprings plan has been formally withdrawn and the Board of Supervisors accepted that withdrawal for the Sewage treatment / Drip Irrigation system and Amendment to the 537 Plan at the October 5, 2010 meeting.


Discussion took place regarding replacement areas.  Discussion took place regarding well head protection.


Stevens pointed out that Section 110-5does not require that - Predevelopment groundwater testing results be provided to the Township. This language should be added.


Motion:  Stevens moved seconded by Taylor to recommend the approval of the proposed changes of Chapter 1.

Motion carried 5-0.


Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Michaels to recommend approval of Chapter 110 with recommended corrections.

Motion carried 5-0.



There being no further business or comment, the meeting was adjourned.



Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Michaels to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 PM

Motion carried 5-0.



Respectfully submitted,


Elaine M. Diaz

Administrative Secretary