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06/08/2010 PC Minutes

Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2010

Roll Call

Joseph Greco – Chairman

Sharon Michaels – Vice Chairman

Ronald R. Taylor- Secretary

Joan Montgomery- Member

Edith Stevens – Member

Timothy McManus, Esquire – Solicitor


Debra Brady - Zoning Officer

Charles Unangst – Engineer

Elaine M. Diaz- Secretary


Call to Order

Chairman Greco called the June 8, 2010 Planning Commission meeting to order at 5:40 PM.  The meeting was held at the Paradise Township Municipal Building, Route 940, Paradise Valley, Cresco, PA. 



Public Comment Statement

Chairman Greco announced the following public comment statement: “Ladies and gentlemen, before the Planning Commission votes on any matter, the Commission will allow for public comment on that particular item.  If you wish to be heard at that time, please raise your hand, and you will be recognized.”  (At that time, please state your name for the record.)


Approval of Meeting Minutes

Motion:  Stevens moved seconded by Taylor to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2010 meeting with the following changes noted:

Page #3. Brady received a time waiver for the Curative Amendment.


Page #4. Language used in Raczko proposed amendments should read from “Outdoor Advertising Association of America.”


Motion carried 5-0.





Open Plans – No Action Necessary



New Submittals for Acceptance


Snyder Minor Subdivision

Terry Martin of Martin and Robbins Surveyors was present on behalf of the applicant. Mr. Martin briefly reminded the Commission that Mr. Snyder is planning on building a single family residence.  The following requests for modifications were submitted.


1.      Section 131.39A, which requires the plan to be drawn at a scale of 1” = 100’ on an 18” x 24” sheet.  We propose our plan at a scale of 1” = 400’ on a sheet size of 11” x 17” because we only need to illustrate that four tracts of land are to be consolidated into one parcel.

2.      Section 131.37A.5a, which requires the entire parcel illustrate accurately all the tract lies with bearings and distances. Our plan illustrates all of the property lines as obtained from the Monroe County GIS maps except for the most westerly monumentation shown on plan.

3.      Section 131.37.B.7 which requires the plan to illustrate wetlands on the plan. Our plan does list the Special Wetlands notes to cover this requirement.

4.      Section 131.37.B.8 which requires contour lines at a 2-foot interval.  The request is being made because this is a minor subdivision / consolidation plan and we do show the USGS 20-foot interval contour lines.


Chair Greco questioned whether the wetlands should be delineated on the plans and Brady responded that can be addressed when  the formal plan submission for a house is submitted.


Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Michaels to accept the Snyder plan for review.

Motion carried 5-0



RGC Development / Greensprings


Tom Kelso of Castle Valley Consultants was present along with Robert Ciccone, the applicant to present and address a revised sewer planning module bearing a last revision date of May 24, 2010.


In response to an inquiry by Solicitor McManus, Mr. Kelso explained that the sewer planning module had been further revised since May 24, 2010, that those changes were not part of the one presently in the possession of the Township, but noted that the changes were minimal.   He also stated that further changes to the planning module would be occurring as a result of an upcoming meeting to be held with third parties concerning the same.  The module is therefore not yet complete for action by the Planning Commission.


There was discussion regarding the ACT 537 and Township liability if the system malfunctions. Brady stated the Mr. Woodling, the Sewage Enforcement Officer is preparing a comment letter

but it is not complete at this time. Brady questioned if the NPDES permit had been obtained and Mr. Ciccone asserted that Anne Wingert of Niclaus Engineering had to make changes to the application and it was resubmitted, but it has not been issued. There was discussion that the application should be complete before this is moved forward to the Board of Supervisors.


Motion: Stevens motioned seconded by Taylor to table the RGC Development / Greensprings Planning Module.

Motion carried 5-0.


Plan Reviews


Paradise Brook Trout Company Minor Subdivision

Terry Martin of Martin & Robbins Surveyors was present on behalf of the applicant. Mr. Martin explained the purpose of the plan is to subdivide the land of Paradise Brook Trout Hatchery to create four (4) separate individual lots. Mr. Martin stated that there will be no further developing of the lands.

Regarding Hanover Engineering comments:

1.      The owner’s certification must be signed. - Mr. Martin asserted that it is.

2.      Review by the Monroe County Planning Commission is required. Mr. Martin brought in the review letter he received from the MCPC.


There were no zoning related comments.


Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance:

Section 131.37.A. (6) - As noted above a waiver has been requested for the requirements to complete a Land Planning Module. – Hanover has no objections to this request.


Section 131.37.A.(8)- As noted above, a modification has been requested from the requirement to show contour lines at two (2’) foot intervals. Contour lines are currently shown at ten foot (10’) intervals. – Hanover has no objection to this request.


Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Taylor to recommend approval of the modifications as requested.

Motion carried 5-0.


Motion: Montgomery moved seconded by Taylor to recommend approval of the Paradise Brook Trout Plan.

Motion carried 5-0.


Sketch Plans



Other Business


Sign Ordinance

Curative Amendment to Sign Ordinance

William Raczko was in the audience and stated that he modified the revision of the proposed changes he handed out to the commission at the previous meeting. There was much discussion regarding the Existing sign ordinance, the proposed changes and the curative amendment.


After much discussion there was a decision to have a special meeting of the Planning Commission explicitly for Electronic Signs. There was also a request to have Tom Shepstone present at the Special Meeting. There will be a special meeting held on Monday June 28, 2010 at 5:00 pm.


There being no further business or comment, the meeting was adjourned.


Motion: Stevens moved seconded by Michaels to adjourn the meeting at 7:20pm.

Motion carried 5-0.



Respectfully submitted,

Elaine M. Diaz

Administrative Secretary