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03/16/2010 Meeting Minutes



MARCH 16, 2010 – 6:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Chair Troutman called the meeting to order at 6:23 p.m.


Roll Call

Officials Present

Louise Troutman – Chair

Michael Flood – Vice Chair

Reda Briglia – Secretary-Treasurer

John C. Prevoznik – Solicitor

Charles Unangst – Engineer

Debra Brady – Zoning Officer


Pledge of Allegiance

Troutman led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Public Comment Statement

Troutman read the public comment statement “Ladies and gentlemen, before the Board of Supervisors votes on any matter, the Board will allow for public comment on that particular item.  If you wish to be heard at that time, please raise your hand, and you will be recognized.  A public comment period will be held at the end of the regular agenda for any other business.”


Approval of Minutes

Motion:  Flood moved and seconded by Troutman to approve the March 2, 2010 Board of Supervisors regular meeting minutes as presented.

Motion carried 3-0.


Treasurer’s Report

Briglia presented the treasurer’s report as attached. 

Motion:  Flood moved and seconded by Troutman to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.

Motion carried 3-0.


New Business         

A.   AWSOM – Troutman stated that no one was present from AWSOM.  Any action on AWSOM was tabled.


B.    Monroe County Litter Control – Briglia explained that the Monroe County Litter Control Board will spend two days picking up litter on roads in Paradise Township and have requested a list of roads from the municipality.  After discussion, the Board agreed to submit Route 191, Route 940 and Browns Hill Road to the County for litter pick-up.


C.   Hydraulic Post Driver/Post Puller/Stick Saw/Chipping Hammer – Briglia stated that three quotes were obtained for these tools and read the quote as follows:  Hydron, Inc. – $9,485.00, Stanley Works – $9,357.00 and Linemen’s Supply, Inc. – $ 8,960.00.

Motion:  Flood moved and seconded by Briglia to purchase the Stanley Hydraulic Post Driver, Stanley Hydraulic Post Puller, Stanley Hydraulic Stick Saw, Stanley Hydraulic Chipping Hammer, Hydraulic Hose and Hydraulic Couplers per the bid from Linemen’s Supply, Inc. for $8,960.00.

         Motion carried 3-0.


D.    Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company Contract – The Board reviewed the contract and minutes dated May 13, 2009 from the PMVFC.  After discussion, Briglia was instructed to write a letter requesting their expenses for last year, a list of proposed sites for dry hydrants, and their request for right of first refusal for the property adjacent to the Township’s PMVFC Building.  Flood will attend the PMVFC meeting scheduled for April 28 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Pocono PMVFC Building.


          E.   Proposed Ordinance for Architectural Design – The Board discussed the proposed ordinance for architectural design prepared by Brady.  Brady stated she would need help from the Township Engineer to move forward with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating.  The Board approved Brady working with Hanover Engineering.


F.   Rental of Large Bucket Truck – Briglia presented the contract from C.W. Price for the Township to rent his bucket truck.  After discussion, the Board agreed to approve the rental.

Motion:  Flood moved and seconded by Briglia to approve the rental of the bucket truck contingent on a fair contract to both parties.

          Motion carried 3-0.


G. Pocono Record Article – Briglia reported that on Sunday, March 14 the Pocono Record ran an article grading the municipalities on their responses for a Right-to-Know request submitted to the municipalities from the Pocono Record.  Briglia stated that Paradise Township received a C-.  Briglia explained that the Township received a C- due to the Township being two days late and submitting the information by mail and not electronically.  Briglia explained that according to the Right-to-Know Act the Township would five business days to respond.  The Pocono Record included President’s Day and weekends as part of the five days. Briglia continued by reporting that the Pocono Record did make corrections for other municipalities in the Monday, March 15 newspaper.   After discussion, the Board agreed to make the correct information part of the Township’s minutes but not to contact the Pocono Record to run a correction. (See Exhibit 1)


Planning Commission Items

A.    Alternate Member - Troutman read the letters from Benito Cid and William Raczko.      After discussion, the Board agreed to have Troutman contact Benito Cid to discuss his background and views.   


Troutman stated that Board would take a short break.


Mt. Airy #1, LLC Conditional Use Application (Continued)

Motion: Flood moved and seconded by Briglia to recess the regular meeting and open the conditional use public hearing at 7:08 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.


Solicitor Prevoznik reviewed the application and hearings to date.  Attorney Belardi was present for the applicant.  Attorney Belardi called John Pocius, Ceco Engineering, as the applicant’s witness.  The trail network was discussed.  Solicitor Prevoznik reviewed draft conditions. 


Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Briglia to approve the conditions as read by Solicitor Prevoznik and approved by the Board of Supervisors consisting of eight conditions as stated on the record.

Motion carried 3-0.  (See Panko Transcript as supplement when available)


Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to close the conditional use public hearing and reconvene the regular meeting.

Motion carried 3-0.


Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded Troutman to ratify the motion made in the public hearing establishing the conditions for the amendment to the Mt. Airy #1, LLC’s application for revising the conditional use permit as stated on the record and will be further developed in a written opinion and order.

Motion carried 3-0.


Planning Commission Items (Continued)

B.  Cingular Land Development Plan including Stormwater – Troutman stated that the Township has received a letter from Attorney Shiring requesting the Cingular Land Development Plan be tabled.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to table the Cingular Land Development Plan until the Board of Supervisors next regular meeting scheduled for April 6, 2010.

Motion carried 3-0.


C.   Planning Commission requests Joint Work Session regarding Sign Ordinance – Troutman stated that the Planning Commission has requested a joint work session with the Board of Supervisors to review the proposed sign ordinance.  After discussion, the Board agreed to schedule a Special Meeting with the Planning Commission on either April 5 or April 12 at 5:30 p.m. contingent on the availability of the professionals and commission members.


Solicitor’s Report

Solicitor Prevoznik updated the Board on several items.  Cingular Appeal – waiting for court ruling, FNCB – waiting for Attorney Wolfe, and executive session items.


Unfinished Business

A.  BWA Grant Resolution – Briglia stated that she forwarded a draft resolution to Attorney McDonald for the Township to accept the BWA Grant.  Attorney Prevoznik will follow up with Attorney McDonald.


          B.  Township-Wide Yard Sale – Briglia explained that the “Roof” is already booked for the Saturdays in the spring and asked if the Board wanted to hold the Township-Wide Yard Sale in the fall.  After discussion, the Board agreed to hold the Township-Wide Yard Sale on September 25. 


C.   Free Standing Portable Signs – Troutman read the memo from Kathleen Kelly requesting to purchase two free-standing , changeable message signs that would be used for Township events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Community Day, Clean-Up Days, and more. 

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Briglia to purchase two Standard Sidewalk Changeable Message Boards and the letters as presented for 129.00 each for the Boards and 32.48 each for the letters.

Motion carried 3-0.   


D.  Spring Clean-Up Fees – Briglia reported that last year during the budget work sessions the Board considered not charging residents for clean-up and did not budget any income.  Briglia stated that the Board however has not officially voted this on.

Motion:  Troutman moved and seconded by Flood to hold the spring clean-up as a free service to the residents of the Township except a charge of $2.00 per tire.

Motion carried 3-0.


E.    Monsignor McHugh  -  Troutman read the letter from Monsignor McHugh approving the middle field being turned into a utility field.  Briglia read the quotes for hauling of the infield mix as follows:  Martin Stone Quarry - $13.00 per ton, E. F. Possinger – $12.73 per ton, Farda Landscaping – $15.69 per ton, Ingrassia Excavating, Inc. – $12.37 per ton, and Garber Excavating $12.00 per ton.

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to award the quote to Sean Garber for hauling approximately 145 tons of infield mix for a total of $1,740.00 at $12.00 per ton. 

Motion carried 3-0.


F.  DCED Police Study – Briglia presented the contract she received today from Ron Stern, Department of Economic Development,  that needs to be executed to move forward with the joint regional police study.  Briglia stated that a meeting is scheduled for April 8 at 4:00 p.m. at the Barrett Township Police Barracks to meet with Ron Stern.  After discussion, Briglia stated she would attend the meeting.         


G.  Street Sign Bid – Briglia presented the memo from Robert Mack, Hanover Engineering, that explains that PennDOT has not adopted the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) 2009 Edition and therefore the Township could continue to  use the red street signs with white letters.  Mr. Mack also recommended that the Township purchase the 9” signs.  The Board agreed to bid the new street name signs as recommended.



A.  PennDOT Roadwork in Paradise Township – Troutman read the letter from PennDOT stating that roadwork will be done on Route 715, Route 191, and Route 940.


B.  Pocono Mountain Council of Governments Dinner – Troutman reported that the PM COG Dinner will be held on Monday, March 29 at Smuggler’s Cove at

               7:00 p.m.  The dinner was discussed and the Supervisors will not be attending.


C. Monroe County Public Safety Center High Hazard Dam Information – Troutman read the letter from the Control Center regarding the Lake Swiftwater Dam and Ammre Dam.  The letter recommends that the Emergency Operation Coordinator reviews the Emergency Action Plan for both of these dams and contacts the Monroe County Control Center if the Township needs any assistance with emergency planning.  Briglia will make copies of the Emergency Action Plans for Troutman’s review.


Other Business/Public Comment

A.    BIU Complaint – Troutman reported that she has received complaints regarding BIU and scheduling inspections.  After discussion, it was decided that Briglia would follow-up on the complaints with BIU.


Executive Session

Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Troutman to recess the Regular Meeting and go into an Executive Session at 8:47 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.


Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to reconvene the Regular Meeting.  Troutman stated that litigation issues were discussed in Executive Session.

Motion carried 3-0.                                   


The Board instructed Solicitor Prevoznik to contact RKR Hess to discuss the Act 537 Plan.



Motion:  Briglia moved and seconded by Flood to adjourn meeting at 9:16 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.


Respectively submitted,

Reda Briglia