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Short Term Rental Ordinance - No owner of any property in Paradise Township shall operate a Short-Term Rental in Paradise Township without first obtaining a Short-Term Rental License from the Zoning Officer. Contact Deb Brady at 570-595-8840
November 23 and 24, Township Offices will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday.
Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the Township's local governmental decision-making body. The Board is comprised of three members elected to serve six year staggered terms. The Board appoints a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. As the governing body, the Board is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound, healthy, safe community for the residents of Paradise Township through executing legislation, creating policies, levying taxes, authorizing expenditures, and overseeing the management of the township.

The following are the regularly scheduled 2017 PARADISE TOWNSHIP Board of Supervisors work sessions and regular meetings, on the first and third Monday of each month at 5 & 6 PM respectively, except as noted*.    Meetings are held at the Paradise Township Municipal Building, 5912 Paradise Valley Road, Cresco, PA and are open to the public.


Jan. 16                                               July 5* and 17

Feb. 6 and 22*                                    Aug. 7 and 21

March 6 and 20                                    Sept. 6* and 18

April 3 and 17                                     Oct. 2 and 16

May 1 and 17*                                     Nov. 8* and 20

June 5 and 19                                      Dec. 4 and 18


The Feb. 22, May 17, July 5, Sept. 6, and Nov. 8 meetings will be held on Wednesdays. 

If any person with a disability wishes to request that special accommodations be made to allow his or her participation, he or she is asked to contact the Township at 570-595-9880, at least one business day in advance to make arrangements. 



  • Gary Konrath, Chair 
  • Peter Gonze, Vice-Chair 
  • Reda Briglia, Secretary-Treasurer
  • John C. Prevoznik, Solicitor
  • Hanover Engineering, Engineer